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Pony McTate smiling in crochet jumper
Hello! I'm Pony.

Yep, like the horse. I'm a crochet designer from New Zealand. I make things that are fun and bold and modern and playful. Unconventional? Yes. Fabulous? Always. 


I've had crafty little fingers from a young age but I only picked up a crochet hook a few years ago. I'd grown up in a house full of crochet blankets and brilliant old Golden Hands books, so it was a natural progression. Crochet really clicked for me. All of a sudden I could make stuff, quickly, that was practical and cool. It's a pretty neat feeling, isn't it? I still love a good retro crochet book (the colours! the hotpants!) and I get my inspiration from all sorts of places: David Attenborough nature docos, crown jewel collections, pop culture, industrial design, Enid Blyton book covers. Everywhere. 


Now I design regularly for magazines, yarn companies and for my online outlets. I create garments, amigurumi, accessories and homewares. You can check out my work on the social channels below. And I've written a book! And launched a blog! And eaten a lot of custard. I like custard. 

I live in the countryside with my husband and our two wee boys.  I find innovative places to store my yarn. Our cat Stampy likes to get involved in everything, which is lovely at times and at other times... less so. I mean, she likes to roll around in glitter. 

Oh look, surprise surprise, there she is down there. Sleeping inconveniently as usual. Bless.

Want to get in touch with me?

You can contact me here.


Tell me how you're finding my patterns, about the amazing new yarn you're working with, whether MacGyver was dreamier than Magnum PI. 

Allllllways happy to chat about MacGyver.

Stampy cat asleep on chunky pink crochet yarn
Abstract Pattern 21


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