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Reading magazine on round floor rug made of chunky grey yarn
Fun and functional.

You want cool patterns that work, right? Me too.


Like impressive designs that are a little bit different, a little bit special. With thorough, well-written instructions and photos of the tricky bits.


And if it teaches you something new and maybe makes you smile? Then so much the better.  

That's what you'll get with a Pony McTate pattern.


My paid patterns are available on Etsy and Ravelry.


My free patterns can be found on my blog


You can also find my designs in Simply Crochet magazine. 

Pony McTate_Many Cats Square_crochet pat
Shell We Dance? crochet fingerless gloves by Pony McTate

Shell We Dance?

Fingerless Gloves

Pony McTate_Speedbump Scarf_cowl.jpg
Crochet Skull jumper by Pony McTate in Simply Crochet magazine

Speedbump Scarf

Skull Jumper

Simply Crochet Magazine, Issue 59

Photo: Simply Crochet

Pony McTate_Famous Rabbits_Frida Kahlo_c

Famous Rabbits

Frida Kahlo

Crochet Wrapture Top by Pony McTate

Wrapture Top

CrochWhite Hot Summer Top by Pony McTate in Simply Crochet magazine

Many Cats Square 

White Hot Summer Top

Simply Crochet Magazine, Issue 72

Photo: Simply Crochet

Pony McTate_Animal Magnets_crochet_on fr

Animal Magnets

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