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Pony McTate smiling with chin in hand next to pile of tangled yarn

Tried a row a billion times and it's just not working? Don't tear your hair out. If you've purchased one of my patterns and something isn't making sense, drop me a line

Let's see if we can sort it out together. 


It happens.

All my patterns go through a stringent review process but - despite best intentions and many pairs of reviewer eyes - the odd gremlin can still sneak into a pattern. Most of these errors are typographical in nature but you may find a more substantive mistake; something like a stitch count out of whack or a missing number somewhere.


If you think there's an error in one of my patterns, please let me know. When a mistake is found, PDF patterns will be updated immediately. Corrections for printed patterns will be listed here under their pattern title.

Thanks for your patience, team.

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