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The coolest merch for crocheters

I love, love, love when I find stuff made for crocheters. Hooks and crochet books, of course. But I especially love it when I find gear for the “real world” that has a distinctly crocheted air about it. Things in crochet print and with crochet in-jokes. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and included. Look!, it proclaims. We see you! You’re not a knitter and we know there’s a difference!

I’ve gathered together quite a bit of crochet merchandise in my life. Today I’m sharing it with you along with a round-up of other neat products that I’d like to try. They’re all cool and modern and fun. And they’d all make great gifts for the crocheters in your lives (and yes, that means you). There's even a GIVEAWAY too, thanks to the lovely Jodie at Pinpoints! Hooray!

1. Crochet print leggings from Snapdragon Brand

Pony McTate in Snapdragon Brand crochet print leggings

When these spectacular leggings popped up on my Instagram feed, I died. But only briefly because then I promptly clawed my way to the website as fast as I could and bought three pairs. There are a whole bunch of patterns I'm yet to purchase - and tees! And dresses! And it's allllllll crochet. Ashley Zhong, the one-woman magic behind the brand, works the crochet designs herself and turns them into clever printed garments. I'm in love.

These leggings are comfy, well-made, brilliant. A nice way to wear crochet pants without, you know, wearing crochet pants.

(A post-script: my wee son wanted to know how I changed clothes and teleported to take this photo. I can confirm there was only a bit of teleportation involved and a lot of Amateur Hour photoshop skills. But the superlative mail-order-catalogue posing? THAT, my friends, is all my own).

2. Crochet enamel pin from Pinpoints (RicRacSews on Etsy)

Crocheting enamel pin by @pin_points worn by Pony McTate

Wear your love for crochet on your sleeve. Or your dungarees. A pin is a lovely, subtle way to announce your stitchcraft allegiance. And this one is ace: a charming design and it’s beautifully crafted with sturdy double posts. It makes me smile whenever I wear it. It's made by Jodie of @pin_points, who goes by Ricracsews on Etsy (and it comes in different colours too). Check out Jodie's other crafty pins – they’re fun and witty and totally addictive.

You can WIN one of these awesome crochet pins, thanks to Jodie's generous loveliness. There's three to give away, it's open worldwide and the winner can choose their colour. Details below.

3. Chevron phone case from Decouart

Hand holding phone with Decouart crochet print case

I toyed briefly with the idea of crocheting myself an iPhone case (there are some great patterns out there - this cutesy Darth Vader one particularly appeals).

But after dropping my phone one or five too many times, I knew I needed something more durable. Enter Decouart. They have a billion moulded plastic cases for any gadget you may have, INCLUDING this crochet-print one. I know, right? The colours are pleasingly bright-but-restrained, the quality is good and the shipping is speedy. Win-win.

Get it here:

And here’s some more crochet goodies that I haven’t tried yet but I’m itching to:

4. Crocheter sweatshirt from Stitchers Tees

Stack of crocheter sweatshirts held up by hand

I love the Stitchers Tees range because they make me feel legitimately sport-glamorous without actually having to do any sport. Well, other than marathon crochet and speed frogging. Designed by sister duo, Vicki and Charley Brown, these garments are fresh and fun and come in sophisticated colourways. You can get T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and pins. Crochet not your thing? *Judgey side-eye* but no worries. Stitchers Tees cater to lots of creatives: knitters, makers, stitchers, yarnivores and more. Something supercool for everyone.

Get them here: // @stitcherstees // Photo credit: Stitchers Tees 5. Hooker acrylic necklace from Lana Bou

Acrylic hooker crochet necklaces by @lanaboushop

I never get tired of the ol' hooker/crochet joke. Go on, admit it: you love it too. And now you can take it with you wherever you go with these cool acrylic necklaces made by Lana Bou on Etsy. I like their fun colours and slick modern styling. They’re a playful way to raise some eyebrows among the uninitiated. Rest assured I'll be pointing it out to everyone I meet ("see? Hooker? Crochet? ...Geddit?" *double finger pistols*)

// @lanaboushop // Photo credit: Lana Bou



Three crocheting enamel pins by @pin_points in pink, blue and green

Want to snaffle one of the cool Pinpoints enamel pins for yourself? Of course you do! Jodie has kindly donated three crochet pins to the cause.

All you have to do is subscribe to my mailing list, which you can do in the big orange box at the bottom of this page. That's it!

I'll randomly choose three winners and let them know by email. Choose the colour you'd like (pink, blue or green) and Jodie will arrange to ship it out to you.

Giveaway is open worldwide and closes on Saturday 15 September, 8pm NZST.

Photo credit: @pin_points


So what do you think, team? Are you out, loud and proud when it comes to wearing non-crocheted crochet? Have you got other cool crochet merchandise in your life? I always need more in mine! Why not share it in the comments below?

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